Genesis 15:13-14 ~ Then the Lord said to Abram, “You should know these things: Your descendants will live in a
country that is not their own. They will be strangers there. And the people
there will make them
slaves and do bad things to them for 400 years. But then I will punish the nation that made
them slaves. Your people will leave that land, and they will take many good things with them.

Exodus 12:40 ~ The people of Israel had
lived in Egypt for 430 years.


Genesis 37:2, 28 ~ Joseph was a young man, 17 years old....the brothers took Joseph out of the well. They sold him
to the traders for 20 pieces of silver. The traders took him to Egypt.
Genesis 41:46 ~ Joseph was
30 years old when he began serving the king of Egypt.
Genesis 41:53 ~ For
7 years, people had all the food they needed. But then those years ended.
Genesis 45:6 ~ This terrible time of hunger has continued for
2 years now. And there will be five more years without
planting or harvest.
Genesis 47:9 ~ Jacob said to Pharaoh, “...I have lived only
130 years."
Genesis 47:28-29 ~ Jacob lived in Egypt 17 years. So Jacob was 147 years old...would soon die  
Genesis 50:26 ~ Joseph died in Egypt when he was 110 years old.

130    Jacob's Age when he went to Egypt
-2       Jacob came 2nd year of the famine
-7       Years of plenty had passed
-30     Age of Joseph when years of plenty began (1884 BC)
39  =  Joseph's age when Jacob went to Egypt


1 Kings 6:1 ~ So Solomon began to build the temple. This was 480 years after the people of
 Israel left Egypt.
This was during Solomon’s fourth year as king of Israel.  (about 966 BC)

965 BC when Solomon began building temple
+480 years after Israelites exited from Egypt (I Kings 6:1)
1445 BC Year Israelites exited from Egypt
+400 years God told Abraham his descendants would be slaves in Egypt (Genesis 15:13-14)
1845 BC year Israelites made slaves (Joseph age 69)  (Senusret III died 4 years later when Joseph 74)
+  30 good years before they were made slaves in Egypt) (Exodus 12:40)
1875 BC the year the Israelites came to Egypt  (Joseph age 39) (Senusret III had been ruling 3 years)
+    9 years between Joseph beginning to rule (age 30) and arrival of family (age 39)
1884 BC the year Joseph began co-ruling with Pharaoh (Joseph age 30)  (Ruled with Senusret II 9 years)
+  13 years since Joseph arrived at age 17
1897 BC the year Joseph was sold as a slave into Egypt
+   17 Joseph's age when sold as a slave
1914 BC about the year Joseph was born

Senusret II, (1894-1878 BC)        
Senusret III (1878-1841 BC)
Amenemhet III (1841-1797)


Genesis 16:16 ~ Abram was 86 years old when Ishmael was born from Hagar.  
(This was a year after the above promise, so Abram was 85 when he received the promise.)
Genesis 21:5 ~ Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaac was born.  (Sarah was 90.)
Genesis 25:7 ~ Abraham lived to be 175 years old.
Genesis 25:20 ~ When Isaac was 40 years old he married Rebekah.
Genesis 25:26 ~ ...Esau...So that baby was named Jacob. Isaac was 60 years old when Jacob and Esau were born.
Genesis 31:41 ~ I [Jacob] worked 20 years like a slave for you [Laban in Aram]. For the first 14
years I worked to win your two daughters. The last six years I worked to earn your animals.
(Genesis 30:22-25 Jacob's wife, Rachael, bore Joseph.  Then Jacob decided to return to Canaan/Palestine.  
Genesis 35:18-19 Rachael bore Benjamin upon arrival in Canaan/Palestine.)
Genesis 35:28 ~ Isaac lived 180 years.