About 1536, JOHN CALVIN - REFORMED CHURCHES:  "All may observe the legitimate order appointed by the church for the hearing of the word...and public prayer....Lest the public prayers of the Church should be held in contempt, the Lord called the temple the 'house of prayer' (Isaiah 66:7).  For by this expression he both showed that the duty of prayer is a principal part of his worship....As God in his word enjoins common prayer, so public temples are the places destined for the performance of them...the command of the Lord (Matthew 18:20)"   (Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book II, 8:34; Book III, 20:29 and 20:30).



About 1721, MATTHEW HENRY - PRESBYTERIAN:  "Our weeping for other people's sins may perhaps set those a weeping for themselves who otherwise would continue senseless and remorseless...this drew tears from every eye; men, women, and children wept very sore when he wept thus"   (Commentary, Volume II, Ezra 9).



1861, 1862, 1868, CHARLES SPURGEON - BAPTIST:  "I think I see the Church as I fear she is now.  There she is upon her knees with hands clasped; she mutters a few words; her head droops, for she is weary...she is a sleepy Church in prayer....We stand up sometimes on the public platform and we charge the church of God with growing cold....Have we by our prayers added to her heat?...Are we ever without the sick and poor?  Are we ever without the afflicted and wavering?  Are we ever without those who are seeking the conversion of their relatives, the reclaiming of backsliders, or the salvation of the depraved....there should be frequent prayer meetings....They say that God does not bless the word.  They say, 'Our conversions are not so numerous as they were.' "   (Sermons in the Metropolitan Pulpit, London, 1861 pg. 52, 1862 pg. 260, 1868 pg. 129).